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Might Mite Performance


3 Year Warrantee


Quicker 0-60 times and acceleration
Smoother Shifting (automatic transmissions)
Excellent for towing, fifth wheel ,trailers,
Faster, more responsive throttle response
Improved fuel efficiency
Does not void your warranty as it is completely undetectable if removed before a service.
Easy to Install.
Can be removed in seconds.

Up to 35% HP Gain
Up to 25% Torque Gain
Up to 3 MPG Gain
100% Plug and Play with ZERO wiring required
100% SAFE - It will not damage any component on your vehicle
100% Effective - You will notice an increase in power , torque & fuel savings.
On Board processor simply unplug

and you return you vehicle to factory settings.

3 Year warrantee

Over 5000 Sold

Not only does the Mighty Mite Stage II Power Control Module compete with other high priced tuners and programmers sold all over the internet such as VENOM ,JET,BULLY ,SMARTY, EDGE , JUICE and many others. Our Stage II is way more easy to use – At a fraction of the cost! Performance Tuning has become one of the most popular solutions to unleash hidden Horsepower and Torque from your vehicle. With the increase in demand for easy tuning, Mighty Mite Performance has released its newest Stage II OBDII, The Stage II Power Control Module is a Plug & Play Module that has become one of the easiest performance modules to install on the market today. Simply plug  the Mighty Mite Power Control Module into your OBDII port. It then downloads real-time data through your OBDII connection allowing the module to study your driving habits over a short period. Then safely optimizes the ignition spark advance, air to fuel ratios and transmission shifting for the ultimate in power,torque and mileage gains, increasing your throttle response, low end torque and acceleration. Best of all Mighty Mite Power Control Module is so simple to use. You don’t need programming Skills to use our product. ! Simply plug it in and Drive your New Ride!

Mighty Mite Performance inc Tuning Performance Modules Ecu Upgrades Chip

Why Buy it: If your vehicle lacks power, Hard to start ,even on cold days, Prolonged rpm Shifts, Burns fuel, Feels like you need a tune up, or You simply just want better mileage or  MORE POWER!!  TRY OUR PRODUCT RISK FREE 100% Money back if your not happy. The Stage II has AMAZING RESULTS!!

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